Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | September 12, 2009

Job #1 In The New Motorhome…

was to install a CB Radio which was completed today.

I seldom initiate a conversation on the CB Radio. Since I cannot see my towed vehicle behind the RV as I drive down the highway, the primary purpose in having a CB Radio is that hopefully if I’m having a problem such a getting a flat tire on my towed vehicle, that a good Samaritan truck driver or another RVer will call me and advise me of the adverse situation so that I can do something about it before some real damage occurs.

In the below photo you can see the CB Radio mounted on the dash and near the top of the side window you can see a black square box which is the glass-mounted CB antenna. It allows a signal from the antenna to pass through the glass and thus avoid the need of drilling a hole in the side of the motorhome to use a wire to connect the antenna to the radio.


We spent $500 at Camping World on a number of items a couple of days ago. I’ll be the next month installing all the various new do-dads.

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  1. Well Jim it looks as if things are moving along great for you… Isn’t it funny how all new motorhomes demand a trip to Camping World and spending big bucks… LOL I think we own just about every item in there now. Have fun setting up your new MH!

    Travel Safe

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