Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | September 10, 2009

Ten Years To The Day!

On 9/9/99 I spent my first night in my then new (and now old) motorhome in a Thousand Trails RV Resort Park in Concrete, WA.

Yesterday Mary and I took the new motorhome back to the dealer for our walk-through…a process in which one becomes familiar with all of the operating functions of their new motorhome. After a couple of minor repairs we arrived at Camping World about 5:00 PM.

Last night was 09/09/09 and Mary and I spent our first night in our new motorhome in a Camping World parking lot in Rocklin, CA. We got there in time to do about one hour of shopping before they closed at 6:00PM.

As you might have guessed this was not by accident. The timing just happened to work out conveniently that way. It was an unforgettable night…very warm and only about 300 feet from Interstate Highway 80 where we heard road traffic all night long! Not very romantic, but functional and convenient.

Our $500 dollar camping spot (that’s how much we spent there) at Camping World.

We completed our Camping World shopping at 9:30 Am this morning. Then more shopping at Target, Smart & Final and Costco. We arrived back at Mary’s home in Murphys, CA at 3:30 PM. The new motorhome handled the 2,000 elevation climb in 95 degree temperatures with no problems.

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