Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | August 28, 2009

Roasting In Nicolaus, CA!

Yesterday Mary and I drove 133 miles further south to Nicolaus, CA where we are parked at Thousand Trails Lake Minden RV Resort. Because of the current high temperatures, the park is not as crowded as when I normally stop here in October.

Fortunately there was one space available where we could snuggle the motorhome under some trees to get a little shade. The afternoon temperature reached 99 degrees and inside the motorhome it got to 91 degrees. Neither Mary or I particularly like air conditioning, but at 5:30 PM we caved in. closed all the windows and fired it up in order to lower the temperature so we could get some sleep. Forecast for today and tomorrow is 98 degrees. We will depart Sunday morning and drive the remaining 100 miles to Mary’s home in Murphys, CA where we will begin the transfer of stuff into the new motorhome.

We found a little shade under these trees.
Sunrise at Lake Minden. Looks like another scorcher!

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  1. Hi Jim… Came over to visit you after reading about you today on AL’s (The Bayfield Bunch) blog. I have added you to my list of favorites so I can keep track of your adventures. We are full timers and love every minute of it. Come on over to visit me when you get a chance.

    How is that TT Park? We are members since we’ll be in Ca next fall we want to stay in a few of them… Try to stay cool!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

    • Hi donna,

      Thanks for your message. I’ll check out your blog. The TT parks on the west coast are great. I enjoy all of them. Travel safe!
      Jim J

  2. Your site has been a great inspiration and the knowledge gained has gotten me past the obstacle blocking my way.

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