Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | July 30, 2009

Fidalgo Island, WA

Fidalgo Island is one of my favorite destinations in my RVing life and unless I’m back in New England visiting family and friends (like I will be next year) I usually spend part of my summers here. One of the reasons I like to come here is the delightful climate where summer temperatures only occasionally get into the eighties. HOWEVER, THIS WEEK, WE ARE EXPERIENCING RECORD HEAT! Yesterday in Seattle it hit 103! The highest ever recorded here. Seattle previously hit 100 degrees in 1994, 1981, 1955 and 1941. Here in La Conner it was 97, probably also a record high. WAY TO HOT FOR WASHINGTON! About 20 degrees above normal which here in La Conner which should be around 77. It’s supposed to start slowly cooling down with temperatures back to normal in about a week. Anyways…

Here’s a nice photo Mary took last evening.

A blazing hot sun with record high heat finally heads for the horizon.

We also got to visit with my friend Beverly.

Bev was born in Anacortes, left for a while and returned here to live full-time. If I was forced to pick one place to live…it would be Anacortes, WA.

Here’s 24 of the other reasons I love Fidalgo Island…

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