Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | July 29, 2009

Good-Bye Dish Network!

A few months ago, I said “Enough, I do not care if I ever see another commercial!” So I called to cancel my Dish Network service. They said I should subscribe only to the Starz Channels which they said was commercial free, so I did.

Not quite true I came to find out. While they do not have commercials per se, they still heavily advertise their forthcoming movies. Not to mention out of six channels, 24 hours a day, they only have about one movie a week that might interest me enough to watch it.

“Enough!”, I said once again. So I called and canceled my Dish Network service. I’ve come to the conclusion that with the exception of PBS that all TV programming is just junk and not worth my time watching. I rather read a good book or go for a nice walk.

Mary and I have accumulated a library of about 250 top notch movies that we both enjoy, plus she has an ability to find more as well travel. It’s been about one month now that I’ve quit the Dish Network and I do not miss it even one tiny little bit! Adios, Dish Network!

My Dish Network satellite dish finally gets to retire after 13 years of service.

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