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Famous Motorhome For Sale…Only $7,500!

I’m selling my motorhome that I have lived in for the past ten years. Here’s the details…

(as of 7/8/09)

Your first Question: Why would anyone want to sell a famous motorhome?
Answer: I’ve got a new gal in my life (since last October)who is a devoted Yoga do-er. She doesn’t have room to do yoga in my motorhome, so she went and bought a motorhome that has room to do her yoga. I do not want to be a two-RV-couple so I’m moving into her new rig.

Your second question: Why is this motorhome famous? This motorhome has done something that only one in a million motorhomes have done…that is, go to the other side of the Panama Canal and beyond! You can see lots of details and photos about this trip on my website at:

Basic facts: 1983 Suncrest 23.5′ Class A motorhome. A true “oldie, but goodie!” Despite its age in years, it’s in wonderful condition and is ready to leave for Central America tomorrow! It’s the perfect rig for beating around Mexico and/or Central Mexico or any other place. I’ve lived in this rig for 10 years and made it comfortable for myself!

Here’s some other information:

* The oil has been faithfully changed every 2,500 miles. One quart of Lucus Oil Additive and six quarts of 60 weight Valvoline VR1 Racing Engine Oil
* I use only premium gasoline to help keep the engine clean
* Average gas mileage is 7.75 mpg
* K&N lifetime Air Filter
* 3 solar panels with 4 Trojan 105 amp batteries (worth $2,000)
* Cell phone antenna
* Bike rack
* Brand new Michelin spare tire with zero miles
* Outside shower
* CB radio and antenna
* 2 Dish Network receivers and satellite dish
* VHS player
* DVD player
* 6 Channel surround sound
* 2 reading lights
* Awning
* Large internal shower
* Custom-made firm mattress (corner bed)
* Approximately 18 added cubic feet of storage under bed
* Under-sink Nature Pure water filtration system
* Newer model 6.4 cubic foot Norcold refrigerator
* 3 cooling fans
* Newly refurbished hot water tank
* Rebuilt motor with only 5, 628 miles (engine alone without MH worth $5,000!)
* Aluminum racing intake manifold
* Aluminum headers
* Air conditioner and all other horsepower-robbing extras have been removed HENCE, THIS VEHICLE WILL NOT PASS A SMOG TEST! It must be licensed in a non-smog state. I’m currently licensed in the State of Washington.
* Coach air conditioner works just fine
* Cooper Dominator Tires have only 13,768 miles on them
* Carburetor re-built about 25,000 ago
* Spare starter, alternator and fuel pump
* Blaupuntk removable in-dash DVD player
* Brand new GE turn-table microwave
* 2-12 volt to 110 inverters (200 and 325 watt)
* Olympian Catalytic Heater
* Black-water tank flushing nozzle
* Black-water holding tank odor eliminator
* Brand new freshwater pump
* Spare fresh water pump
* Metal cooking stove cover
* Extenders on rear-wheel dualies (also extra set of extenders)
* Updated electrical converter/panel
* One-hour fireproof safe permanently attached to MH frame
* 3,000 miles ago…replaced all three u-joints on drive line
* 7,000 miles ago…coolant system flush, new thermostat and radiator cap
* 13,000 miles ago…new tires
* 20,000 miles ago…new rear wheel bearings, grease seals and drums
* 26,000 miles ago…Turn front rotors, new front brake pads, new fuel pump, and re-built carburetor

I’m not removing one single item that I have installed for my comfort/convenience with the exception of my 15″ flat screen TV, XM Radio and WiFi antenna. With the exception of my personal items it comes exactly as I use it for myself today!


This motorhome will be in Western Washington during July and August of 2009. It will arrive in Murphys, California in early September, 2009. I’ll need a few days to transfer personal items to our new motorhome, so this one will be available approximately September 15th.

Okay, what’s the price for this famous motorhome? I asking $10,000. But if you are willing to pick this motorhome up in Murphys, California (about 85 miles Southeast of Sacramento, then the price is only $7,500!

Remember my mechanic says the engine alone is worth $5,000!

If interested you can call me on my cell-phone at 860-575-6940 or email me at See the photos below.

Here’s a front view. The Bronco has already been sold.
Here’s a side view.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2009
For more information about my three books, click this link:



  1. Just curious, but wouldn’t it be fair to say this motorhome has had a much harder life than most used models available for sale?

    • Yes, for one year it did lead a harder life, but for ten years it received better care and maintenance than most used models available for sale. For nine years it received average use.

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