Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | July 26, 2009

Now For The Really Big News…

especially for those of you who have known me for a long time. I’m going to sell my motorhome! Yup, the same one that took me on the 343 day, 16,000+ mile trip through Mexico and Central America and the one in which I have lived for the last ten years.

Your first Question: Why would you want to sell your motorhome?
Answer: I’ve got a new gal in my life (since last October) with whom I have great relationship and who is a devoted Yoga do-er. She doesn’t have room to do yoga in my motorhome, so she went and bought a motorhome that has room to do her yoga. I do not want to be a two-RV-couple so I’m moving into her new rig.

A short while back, we had flown to California for Mary’s July 4th family reunion. Just prior to returning we had a little extra time so we went to La Mesa RV in Davis, California where we had heard they were having a huge sale. To make a somewhat long story short, Mary found one she really liked which had been marked down to $49,995 for the sale. I must confess that I played a role in the buying negotiations (since I once-upon-a-time, sold RV’s), looked them straight in the eye and offered them $35,000, take it or leave it! The salesman took our offer into the Sales Manager (aka The Gorilla…as it’s his job to get top price for the dealership), who came in with a counter-offer of $44,995. I essentially told him good-bye as we prepared to get up and leave and he asked us to wait just one minute and returned to his office. He returned in about one minute and said Congratulations! What else could he say? It’s a buyer’s market.

So let me tell you a little about Mary’s new motorhome. It’s a 2006 Fleetwood Terra, 26 foot Class A, with no slide-outs. We did not want slide-outs as they can be very problematic and just one more thing that can break-down. It’s got 17,962 miles on it and is so clean you would have trouble from telling that it is pre-owned. It has a firm queen-size island bed where Mary can do her yoga, so she will be a happy camper!

Here,s some photos…


For those who might be interested in the technical aspects, click the below lick and check the tabs labeled floorplan, specifications, etc…

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  1. Very nice motorhome. Congradulations.

    • Thanks Donna. With your comment I found your blog address and now I can follow you.

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