Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | July 21, 2009

Like A Rock…

One of the favorite reasons I enjoy for returning Monroe, WA during the summer is that I get to meet up with my long-time friend Al Penta. Al and I met in the 5th grade at age 10 in Revere, Massachusetts. He’s a fun guy, a vegetarian, a 50’s Doo Whop aficionado and an avid bicycle rider. I think he rides more miles per year on his bicycle than I ride in my motorhome. He has bicycled in several countries and very recently bicycled over Stevens Pass into Idaho. I get tired just taking about his exploits. After 30+ years walking a U.S. Mail route, he retired several years ago and now spends a good deal of time on his bike. As a result he is built like a rock and enjoys great health.

Yesterday Mary and I met Al at a local Thai restaurant for a late afternoon meal and had a great time re-living old times. Another reason I just love being a full-time RVer is that I get to visit with many long-time friends on a regular basis! Stay well Al and travel safe!

In the below photo he is wearing his Route 50 riding uniform which he got riding Route 50, aka the Loneliest Highway in the United States, from California to Utah.

You will have to hunt far and wide to find anyone in better condition at age 69.

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