Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | July 10, 2009

My new-to-me 1986 Ford Bronco II

My 1984 Ford Bronco II that I have had nearly 10 years has 266,000+ miles on the odometer. The odometer registers mileage while being towed behind the motorhome, so that is not the true mileage, it’s rolling miles. I bought it from an older couple who towed it behind their motorhome. I guess-timate that the engine running mileage is about 50% of that figure, or about 133,000 miles. It still runs just fine, but I’ve noticed going uphill it’s starting to strain and it will not win any drag races!

So, I’ve been kinda-sorta keeping my eyes open for a replacement. A couple of days ago I saw the below ad and today I drove it and bought it. My 1984 cost me $2,500.

It seems inappropriate to tell you of the new guy, without showing you a picture of “old paint” as taken in the late afternoon from the roof of my motorhome. We’ve been through a lot together…nine countries and 10 years. I’ve towed it 75,000+ miles and drove it 50,000+ miles. Not a bad value! Within a couple of weeks, she’ll belong to someone else.


Anyways, click the below link to see the ad for my new to me Bronco II. I paid $2,000 including all taxes and fees. Hopefully I’ll get 10 years out of this one!

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