Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | July 6, 2009

The Party’s Over!

Mary an I arrived at her home in Murphys, California late last Tuesday night. Soon her children and their children started arriving. There were eight adults and Mary’s Grand Kids…Austin age 6, Theo age 8, Owen age 10, Mason age 14, Stewart age 16 and Alec age 16. All 14 of us have been bunking at Mary’s house for the last several days. Add at times other visiting family and friends have been in similar numbers and its been a wild and crazy time to say the least.

Yesterday we had leftovers from Saturday’s party. These folks know how to BBQ!


The chocolate fountain made kids of all of us.


Good folks, good food!


Fortunately Mary’s deck was shaded.


Mary had pre-warned me that her family were loud. They all were having a good time and they didn’t disappoint me!

All the while here temperatures have been in the upper 90’s, far to hot for my liking!

I’m not used to either load noises or excessive heat, nonetheless I enjoyed my visit here.

Today Mary has her fourth doctor and physical therapist visit since her shoulder surgery. We will spend the night at her daughter’s home in Davis, CA, about twenty minutes drive from the Sacramento Airport where we have an 8:25 AM flight tomorrow back to Seattle, WA and those delightful temperatures in the 70’s. I’m ready to cool off!

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