Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | June 19, 2009

In Search of Lewis and Clark Artifacts…

In a Blog entry last November I identified the fact that Mary had bought a metal detector to search for buried treasures as we travel. Well, since we are camped right along the beach that Captain William Clark actually walked upon during the discovery expedition in 1805, who knows…maybe he dropped his skinning knife…or a compass…or something else metallic in nature. After all, the local museums have number of interesting things found on the local beaches.

So, this morning during our walk along the beach, Mary took her metal detector…just in case!

All of a sudden the metal detector lets out a loud tone…could it possibly be??????????

First you put the metal detector down and start digging…


Eureka! A beer can so old you cannot read the label…Could it have been one of Captain Clark’s????


Mary hits the Mother Lode! At a charred tree stump that appears to have been the scene of many a campfire, the metal detector went crazy! More digging unearthed metal bolts that appear to have come from an old wooden ship or dock.


Unfortunately, none of the items found during today’s treasure hunt could be tied to Captain William Clark. Mary has yet to find treasure that would re-coup the cost of the metal detector, but as you can see by the smile on her face, she derives much fun in the searching process. Maybe next time she will hit the true Mother Lode!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2009
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