Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | June 2, 2009

Yesterday was more eventful than I had planned…

It was supposed to be a casual 150 mile drive from Nicolaus, CA to Redding, CA. The first event was grocery shopping with Mary at WinCo in Yuba City,CA. You may wonder why this was a noteworthy event….well, Mary seems to have need to have enough grocery stores on hand for about three months supply in case of a nuclear attack or some such happening. After an hour of shopping… with both of us pushing on the refrigerator and freezer doors…we finally got them to latch! I’m afraid to think what will happen when we next open those doors! I shouldn’t complain because Mary is an excellent cook and we have super delicious meals. The proof is the 17.5 pounds I’ve gained since meeting her. In all fairness to Mary, we’ve kinda-sorta have been weak in the exercise area during her recovery from shoulder surgery on March 3rd. Now that we are back on the road, we are both desirous of being more physically active! The shopping excursion ran an hour…had I been alone…ten minutes in and out of the store.

Okay..then a stop at American Tires in Chico, CA for a tire rotation on the motorhome. Fortunately as went smoothly there and they were able to do the work without me having to disconnect the Bronco from the motorhome.

Then the unexpected happening! About 15 miles south of Redding, CA (our destination) at about 4:30 pm, , I broke an engine alternator belt. During this happening, the broken belt appears to have jumped into the way of the other two belts and jolted them off of their pulleys, leaving me with no fan and an overheated engine. Fortunately, I picked up on what was happening,shut off the engine and rolled safely to the side of the highway. Of course I didn’t have the belt that I needed, so I had to unhook the Bronco and drive about ten miles to an auto parts store to get a new belt. Long story made short…about three hours later we were on our way arriving the Moose Club in Redding, CA about 7:30 pm instead of the planned arrival of aroud 4:30 pm.

I told Mary that even in adversity. one must count ones blessings. I much prefer it happened yesterday instead of today when we have to climb over the 4,400 Siskyous Pass where the nearest parts store was about 50 miles away!

Mary caught this picture of me with flashlight in hand evaluating my engine dilemna.

So much for another exciting day in the lives of RVers!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2009
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