Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | May 29, 2009

A Study Of Perseverance-3 wins-2,105 losses

If you follow my Blog on a regular basis, you may remember that on January 5, 2005, I posted a Blog entry telling of how I do not play computer games, but that I had found a game that presents a real challenge…and I’ve always enjoyed a good challenge! I had discovered a game called Spider Solitaire on my computer and it was giving my brain a really good workout.

Spider Solitaire comes in three versions, easy, medium and difficult. Easy was really easy. Medium was somewhat more difficult, but still relatively easy. But difficult…ah, now here’s the challenge I had been looking for. IT TOOK ME 1,807 GAMES BEFORE I ACHIEVED MY FIRST VICTORY! My second win required 245 games which occurred on January 29th. I’ve not played since that time…until today and I achieved my third win in only 54 games since my last win. So here are my statistics…(because I’m an Ex-Engineer, I just can’t help myself!)

01/05/2009 – 1 win – 1,807 losses – My Batting Average: .0005
01/29/2008 – 2 win – 2,051 losses – My Batting Average: .0009
05/28/2008 – 3 win – 2,105 losses – My Batting Average: .0014

Since last win averages:
Second win took only 254 games – My Batting Average: .039
Third win took only 54 games – My Batting Average: .185

Here’s a photo of my latest statistics…

The most losses does not appear to be calculating properly.

So, if you enjoy a good mental workout, try Spider Solitaire on your computer. On my Windows XP, it is found by the following path:
start>all programs>games>spider solitaire

Let me know if you beat my scores!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2009
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