Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | May 16, 2009

Mary’s latest arm report

Mary had rotator cuff surgery on her left arm on March 3rd. Yesterday she and I once again drove the 85 miles to Sacramento, CA in order to meet with her physical therapist and doctor.

The physical therapist told her she is recovering better than expected. He also told her he thought that she might be overdoing her therapy program. Did I ever tell you Mary has a slight inpatient element in her personality? Did I ever tell you that my pet name for her is Mighty Mouse? Yup, it’s true!

The doctor also expressed his pleasure with her recovery, but seconded the physical therapist’s advice to moderate her therapy program. They both told her this is a 6-8 month recovery period. Mary would just as soon overdo everything and have it all done by next week. She has promised all of us that she would behave herself as she really doesn’t want to create problems associated with her recovery.

Her next appointment is for July 1st when she flies back home for a family July 4th get-together. Our departure date in the motorhome to summer in Oregon and Washington is currently set for May 27th giving her time to clean up odds and ends associated with her home maintenance and rental property items. I just completed making five different reservations for Thousand Trails RV Resorts in California, Oregon and Washington. We’ll soon be on our way!

Mary meets with her physical therapist.

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