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1996 – My First Year As A Full-Time RVer

My last posting of photos was for the year of 1992. From 1992 through 1995 I apparently was busy in my real estate company and doing programs called Real Estate Round Table on Public Access Television. In addition, in September 1994 I started doing a daily live two hour radio talk show called Capitol Conference, five days a week until September, 1995 when because of a land problem with their antennas, the radio station went off of the air. Apparently no photography during these three years.

All during this three year time frame, I had my travel trailer permanently parked in a beautiful RV Resort in the Cascade Mountains of Washington about 100 miles from my home. I spent every weekend there, relaxing from my busy work life.

Another story to long to tell here…during the Labor Day weekend of 1995, with my 55th birthday rapidly approaching in December, I made a rather quick decision to retire. During the next three months I cleaned out my house getting it ready for sale. I departed on my new life style of full-time RVing by heading SOUTH to the warm and sunshine of Southern CA and AZ on December 22nd, 1995.

I returned to Washington for the summer of 1996 and in September started for New England to visit family and friends. From there I went SOUTH to spend the winter in Florida.

So, among the 179 photos, you will see:
* Idaho,
* Grand Teton Mountains, Wyoming,
* Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota,
* St. Lawrence Seaway between New York and Canada,
* Vermont,
* New Hampshire,
* Massachusetts,
* Connecticut,
* My son Jimmy at age 32,
* My grand daughter, Jocelyn at age 1.
* Virginia,
* North Carolina,
* Georgia, and
* Florida.

To entice you to look at all 179 photos, here’s four previews of what you will see:

The Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming.
New England is ablaze in early October.
Somewhere on the coast of Virginia in early November.
Close up and personal with an alligator in Florida.

At 3 seconds per photo the entire slide show can be viewed in nine minutes:

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2009
For more information about my three books, click this link:


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