Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | April 12, 2009

Unique RVer visits Murphys, CA

My good friend, Randy Vining, departed yesterday after a three day visit. Randy and I have been good friends ever since the day we met in 1997 at a singles RV group gathering.

Randy is unique in a number of ways. He stopped working at age 35, that was 36 years ago. He is now 71 years old and looks like he’s at least 10 years younger. See what not being exposed to 30 years more of work stress like most people who work to age 65, looks like.

Instead of the pursuit of the dollar, he chooses to live, what he calls, a “modest lifestyle” instead.

He has been an RVer for many years and must be the boon-docking champion of the world. Boon-docking is when an RV spends a night somewhere without being connected to utilities such as electric, water and sewer.

He could be called a “greener” as he continually discusses man’s waste of natural resources. For example, He says his daily water use is about two gallons a day (which is also about my average use).

He has been fascinated by how little “space” (square feet) a person actually needs to live in. His current rig is 84 square feet. How many square feet is your current residence? I remember when I first met Randy he was living in a rig about one-half this size.

He is the designer and builder of the world’s first “stealth RV”. See the below photos. He wanted to have an RV where he could spend a night “anywhere” and not be detected as being/sleeping inside of it. He bought a new lite-weight cargo trailer and installed all the living conveniences inside of it himself. He’s been living in this rig for the last three years.

Being a long-time-ago Baptist Preacher from Louisiana, the only one-word description that can be used to describe Randy is “enthusiastic!”.

Randy writes poetry and has several small published pamphlets. In one poem he has written his own epitaph and it reads as follows:

“Here Lies Randy Vining,
Philosopher, Poet and Gadabout,
He died the minute his money ran out!”

That gives you an insight to his personality. Randy and I have spent many, many hours discussing the world and it’s problems. We also see the world from slightly different angles which has made these hours most enjoyable and full of laughter. He is one of the very best friends I have ever had in my life.

While chatting with Randy a few days ago on the telephone, much to my pleasant surprise he was less than 100 miles away from my current location of my girlfriend Mary’s home in Murphys, CA and naturally told him “come on up”!, as Mary had met him last Winter while we were in Yuma, AZ. He arrived here last Thursday and departed yesterday.

While here Mary, who is President of Calaveras County Community Television, invited a video-grapher from the station to come by so she could interview him for a tv program. Here’s the photos…

Randy’s truck and “stealth RV”
Looking inside the stealth RV during the interview.

You can learn more about Randy and his lifestyle at:



As always I enjoyed Randy’s company during this visit and look forward to the next time we meet, somewhere down the road!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2009
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