Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | March 18, 2009

1978 – Victory at last…

Over the camera!

From looking at the photos from 1978, I can see two things…

First, I took a lot of photographs, and

Second, it was the year I learned how to control a camera instead of it controlling me. I remember being frustrated thinking to myself…”I know this camera is capable of doing many neat things, I wish I knew how to make it do them”. It appears I figured it out.

Among the 458 photos, here are some of the things you will see…

* New Jersey snow & ice storm,
* Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Washington, D.C.,
* Lion Country Safari, Irvine, CA,
* Black’s Beach, La Jolla, CA,
* Covered Bridge Tour in Pennsylvania,
* The Great annual Delaware River Raft Race in New Jersey,
* The Bronx Zoo, NY,
* Martha’s Vineyard, MA,
* The Maine Coast,
* Mystic Seaport, CT,
* Fall in Northern NJ,
* Some abstract photos,
and a number of “creative photos to go on “Mood-type” Greeting Cards.

At 3 seconds per photo, it will take about 23 minutes to view the entire slide show or you can view photos individually by your choice. To entice you to view the entire slide show, I’m giving you seven photos to preview…

Sabina at sunset
The Chappaquidick Bridge
General Big Mudnose
A bridge on the Maine Seacoast
Masts in the moonlight
Autumn in New Jersey
An old barn in Northern New York

Enjoy! Here’s the link:

All material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2009
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