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Some Trade Homes To live In RV’s

I found this article on the Ozark News Newspaper, Springfield, MO Website.

Some Trade Homes To Live In RVs
Reported by: Marybeth Brush

Friday, Mar 6, 2009 @08:34pm CST

Are more people downsizing and selling their homes to live in RV’s? Some say it’s a new trend.

Pat Templeton is looking for some open spaces in a small travel size home. “You know when you have a big home, and then you come into this little camper, but I still don’t want to feel like the walls are closing in,” says Pat Templeton.

She, and husband Chuck like to go camping, but don’t look to these as a permanent place to live. “We like the idea of having a home to come to, the RV is fine for going camping but we’ll leave it at that,” says Pat and Chuck Templeton.

But RV show promoter Paula Roades is seeing a new trend among her customers. “It’s amazing the amount of people living in RV’s year round. If you want to travel you just get in your unit and go,” says Roades. And that’s what the Hendricks enjoy about RV living, and they’ve been living this way for 11 years. “Every time there’s something new to see we want to see we hook it up to the truck and away we go,” says Gene Hendricks.

Wife Cathy says her home has all the modern conveniences just on wheels. “We got everything everyone has in a house, washer, dryer, microwave, satellite dish,” says Cathy Hendricks.

“Every time the grass needs to be cut, I move the trailer,” says Gene Hendricks.

It’s the cost savings that attracted them to this lifestyle. “They are cheaper than a house,” says Cathy Hendricks. “I don’t have to pay property taxes,” says Gene Hendricks. The Hendricks say the chances are slim they will go back to home without wheels. “Like my wife says, she can clean the house in five minutes,” says Gene Hendricks.

World’s largest gathering of RV’s

There’s a wide variety of RV’s. This photo (royalty free) show just some of the approximately 250,000 during the last two weeks of January every year at Quartzsite, AZ. I’ve gone to Quartzsite for the last 15 years.

I’ve also have read reports that indicate more than one million people live in there RV’s full-time on the road. J.R.R.Tolkien has indicated “All who wander are not lost”. There are many who wander on purpose!

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