Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | March 10, 2009

Of mice and man…

aka…I have unwanted guests!

Yesterday I went out to the motorhome to fetch a couple of items we needed in Mary’s home as well as to do my weekly start-up and five minute running of the engine that I’ve been doing while it’s in partial hibernation. Lo and behold and dang! Mice have finally found their way into the motorhome and instead of going after food, attacked rolls of toilet paper. My guess is they are using it to build comfy nests. So I set two traps and hopefully they will soon meet their maker.

TP storage area under bathroom sink
TP stacked in bathroom sink for photo

If you own an RV or are considering one, here’s a couple of things to keep in mind about mice…first (if you haven’t already done it), crawl under the RV and find all wire, water lines, gas lines, etc..usually the manufacturer has failed to seal around the these openings. Use steel wool or a good sealant to fill in any space that mice may use to gain entrance to your rig. Remember mice have the ability to flatten the bodies so even the smallest opening needs to be sealed. Second, once inside mice tend to hide under the dashboard and if the cannot find anything else to eat, they will chew the plastic insulation off of wires, which can mean bad news for you!

I remember while summering in the wilds of Northern Vancouver Island, Canada, in 2003, I got hit with mice infestation. I had missed one small opening and in a period of three weeks, I killed 11 mice! Then I had a friend following me in her RV and she asked…”Didn’t you you use your brakes, at all?” Yup, you guessed it…no brake lights!!! Bad news for an RV towing another vehicle. The mice had got to the under dashboard wiring and I had a heck of a time getting the brake lights to work again. When I did, I went so far as to rig a red LED light on my dash that tells me my brake lights are working.


Of news on another front, yesterday I drove Mary to her doctor for her first examination since her surgery one week ago today. He told her all looks fine, but said she will not begin physical therapy for another three weeks. She has another appointment scheduled for March 30th.

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