Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | March 4, 2009

Great news…A successful surgery!

Better than expected results!

The plot…

We drive the 92 miles to the surgery center in Sacramento, CA in 0ne hour and 45 minutes arriving at 12:30 pm.

The doctor says two tendons have disconnected. He says there’s 70% he can reattach one and 40% chance he can reattach the second. He intends to do it orthoscopically, but gets Mary’s consent to cut deeper and bigger if necessary.

Mary says she is not nervous and jokes with the staff until operating time.

The surgery started at 2:00 pm.

After the operation…
I meet with the doctor and he told me that he reattached both tendons and sewed the rotator cup successfully, all orthoscopically!

We left the hospital at 5:30 pm to Safeway Pharmacy to pickup her pain prescription medicine. On the road for home at 5:45 pm. Lots of evening traffic, rain (very heavy at times), a very dark night, lots of hills and curving unfamiliar roads for me, we arrived Mary’s home at 8:00 pm. She now begins her recovery by having to sleep in a La-Z-Boy chair for the first week.

Mary in her La-Z-Boy Bed

She had a very peaceful night and this morning describes the pain as minor.

Perhaps her most trying times will come from having me as her nurse and caretaker…something I have never done before for anyone in my entire life. Her most horrible part of her recovery most likely will be to have to eat my cooking. She’s laid up a good deal of food in the refrigerator, but that will last only so long. I’ve told her to expect to lose 20 pounds while eating my cooking. If that isn’t an incentive for her to recover quickly, nothing is!

During her recovery she intends to re-read a novel she wrote several years ago which was never published. I read it four months ago and thought it was a great story. I’m hoping to assist her in its publication using the same process that I’ve used for my three books. In addition, she is determined to one-armidly maintain her Blog on a daily basis. Did I tell you that she loves to write? You can follow her Mary’s Ramblins Blog by clicking on the link directly to the right of this message. Try it, you’ll like it!

My problem now becomes trying to keep her down and resting. If you know Mary, you know she’s going to want to be up and around like nothing even happened! She’s in good spirits and there’s nothing wrong with her appetite! One of my pet names for her is Mighty Mouse!

All material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2009
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