Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | March 3, 2009

The word for today is…Peregrinate

I got this from an RVing Yahoo group…

per-e-gri-nate (peri-gr-nat) .To journey or travel from one
place to another. v. travel, journey, move, roam, trek, rove, jaunt,
range, wend one’s way, peregrinate, tour, gad about, gallivant, hop
around, cruise, sightsee, navigate, sail, motor, ride, tool along. To
move about in an aimless, often wide-ranging manner. v. roam, wander,
rove, peregrinate, meander, range, drift, ramble, gallivant, stray,
circumambulate, gad, traipse, vagabond, straggle, saunter, mosey,
stroll, amble, flit, walk about, wend one’s way, knock about. To go
from one place to another. v. travel, cruise, gad about, gallivant, hop
around, jaunt about, journey, motor about, move around, navigate,
peregrinate, range, ride around, roam, rove, sail around, sightsee,
tool along, tour, traverse, trek, wend one’s way — hence, the
peregrine falcon. Now – everyone get out there and peregrinate! !!

A peregrine falcon in flight (royalty free photo)

Well, today instead of peregrinating down the road in my motorhome, destiny has different plans for me. I’ll be driving Mary to Sacramento for her shoulder surgery. She needs to arrive the surgery center at 12:30. Surgery is scheduled for 2:00 and baring any unforeseen circumstances she’ll be released at 6:00. I’ll then drive her back home so she will be able to sleep in her La-z-boy chair for the first week of recovery. She says she is a fast healer, so I’m hoping we can once again be peregrinating by mid-April or the beginning of May, the latest.

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