Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | March 1, 2009

A long-time-thought-about project begins…

If you have been a longtime follower of my Blog, you may remember that at 17 years of age I joined the U.S.Navy to “see the world”. Being an independent thinker, I wasn’t cutout for military life, but it was required back in 1957 to do military service. I did 3.5 years and managed to get to 26 countries. I acquired my first RV in 1962 at the age of 21 and began my life on the road on weekends. I traveled many places in the following years, all without taking any photographs of my travels. I used to store everything in my memory back then.

That all changed in 1974 when I was preparing to take a motorcycle trip to the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia. I was living in Pennsylvania at the time and a friend talked me into buying his camera, making me a deal I couldn’t refuse! And so, my photography taking began.

The photography bug bit me and I got into photography big time. I studied photography at the Camera Club of New York City and the Nikon School of Photography. In later years I had a darkroom and studio in my home. I’ve only entered a photo competition once in my life, the Thurston County (WA) Fair of 1983. I was curious how I would do in comparison to other photographers works. Out of about 3,000 entries, I won “Best of Show”, several other First, Second and Third Prizes in various categories. My curiosity (and ego) satisfied, I’ve entered no other competitions.

Back in those days, because I was taking so many photographs, shooting slides was the economical way to go. I shot slides from 1974 to 1995. When I retired in 1995, I sold all my fancy photography equipment because doing serious photography is a lot of hard work and I didn’t want to work that hard anymore. Instead, I bought a $100 Nikon for my now fun photography and shot print film until 2006 when I finally switched to a digital camera.

To make a long story short, I took a lot of photos from 1974 to 2006. I kept only the real good ones and trashed the rest. if you are familiar with photography you know that in time sides and print pictures will start to deteriorate as the years pass by. It’s been in the back of my mind, I’ve been thinking I need to transfer them to digital images. The other day I researched my photo inventory and find I possess about 3,500 slides and about 2,500 print pictures.

Since I’m currently in Murphys, CA at Mary’s home awaiting to assist her from her shoulder surgery which is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 3rd, and since we probably won’t get back on the road until at least mid-April, I figured the time is right to start my photo transfer process since I’ll have lots of free time during this period. So I got on the Internet and started researching slide/photo scanners. After several hours, I made the purchase and it arrived Friday.

In case you are curious, it’s an Epson Model V330

And so the process begins today. Even though it will take me many hours, I’m looking forward to the process because as I copy each photo, it will allow me an opportunity to take a wonderful trip down memory lane.

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