Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | February 19, 2009

Rub-off KISS

Hanging around with me is starting to show that Mary is beginning to adapt to the KISS philosophy. When I first met her she was sleeping 5-6 hours a night. She now sleeps 8-10 hours. In addition she used to have six to-do lists going at the same time. Now she’s down to only two to-do lists going at the same time!

She’s also making great headway in her spare bedroom office. The piles of paper are down by 50%! Although the other day, I brought in my printer from the motorhome to verify it would work with her computer so we wouldn’t have to buy another one to use while traveling in the motorhome. The good news is her printer works just fine (my computer is Windows XP and hers is Windows Vista). The bad news is the my printer manual has been absorbed into the remaining stacks of papers and is currently MIA…missing in action! I’m hoping to find it before we hit the road once again! We all know Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Mary’s spare bedroom office

She’s also making great headway in her kitchen office! Papers there are also down about 50%!

Mary’s kitchen office

Here’s where she has made real progress!

Her waiting-to-be-read pile is down about 300%!

Mary’s telling me that she’s not near as stressed as when I met her. When we were in the Southland for six weeks she didn’t even have one to-do list going! She found time to read, ride her bicycle,etc… It’s nice to witness her de-stressing as it progresses.

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