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You may be familiar with the acronym KISS…Keep It Simple Stupid!

One of my very closest friends, who is a part-time RVer, frequently tells me…”I’m really envious of you, you’ve got your life so simplified!” Like myself, he is an ex-engineer.

When I hung it all up in 1995 and decided to hit the road full-time in my RV, my primary goal was to ELIMINATE STRESS IN MY LIFE! I believe I have been successful in that goal. Eliminating stress came about through one basic function…simplifying my life.

I have many non-Rvers inquire about my lifestyle. I tell them “it’s really easy, anyone can do it! There are three easy steps…1) sell everything you own, 2) buy an RV, and 3) hit the road!”, and they immediately tell me why, in their case, they cannot do it. My attitude is they do not want it bad enough. Here’s an example…about 20 years ago, I thought I wanted to play the guitar like Willie Nelson. Then I found out, after all these years of playing, Willie still practices five hours a day! Long story, short…I wasn’t willing to practice five hours hours a day. The end result…after five years of occasional practice, I sold my guitar! End of story!

Anyhow, back to my simple lifestyle. One of the questions I frequently get is…”How do you get your mail?” The short answer is…I have a mail service in Cincinnati, OH. About once a month I call them and tell them where to send my mail, e.g., c/o My Name, General Delivery, Podunk, TN 12345.

To illustrate how simple my life has become, in 2004 when I went to Central America with my RV, they held my mail for a full year! I have very few bills, most of which I pay online. I get no junk mail.

They say…”A picture is worth a thousand words!” So here’s the picture of my mail package which arrived at Mary’s home a week ago. It actually represents five weeks worth on mail and measured less than two inches thick. How’s that for being simple?

My five weeks worth of mail. How much mail did you get TODAY? 🙂

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