Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | February 15, 2009

One good thing about the rain…

If you follow my Blog entries with any regularity, you know by know that I try and am mostly successful at staying in sunny, 65-80 degree weather all year long! Well, now that I have Mary in my life, things have changed.

I’m currently at her home in Murphys, CA and expect to be here at least until mid-April. The Weather Channel forecast for the next ten days is, “showers, some showers, few showers, rain, etc…! You get the idea! The good thing about the rain is lots of humidity!

In the Southland during the winter (Yuma, AZ for example), humidity is usually less than 20% and is frequently in the single digits. It never bothered me in my earlier years of RV’ing because I usually only spent two weeks in that area and moved onto other areas.

Since returning fro my 343 day, 16,000+ mile RV trip though Mexico and Central America in 2004, things have changed. In May of 2005, I bought my laptop computer to start writing my books and during the winter, I now spend as long as three months parked in an RV park where I have an Internet signal to continue my Internet commitments of writing/revising books, maintaining my four different Blogs, my web site and my Panama or Bust Yahoo Group.

In the winter of 2004-05, right after returning from my Central America trip, I had an unusual experience, I got the worst sinus infection of my life! My face was swollen and painful on both sides of my face for three months. Nothing I tried seem to help. While heading North, in April I stopped at the VA Hospital in San Jose, CA where they gave me some tablets and nasal spray. By June the sinus infection was finally under control.

In succeeding years while in Yuma, back it came to some degree. In the winter or 2007-08 while there, I went to San Luis, Mexico and my dentist took my to his pharmacy and they gave me some tablets “that you can’t get in the United States, that will cure anything you’ve got!”, and they did. Within two weeks the sinus infection was gone!

The sinus infection of the winter of 2007-08 where only the left side of my face was swollen. Fortunately I’ve lost 30 pounds since then.

Well this past winter the sinus infection started to come back and I was ready to head for Mexico once again. The big difference was that Mary was with me and she avoids drugs whenever possible. Following her advice I used only a saline nasal spray and kept my sinus at bay. Now that I’m back in the higher humidity all is well once again.

While in Yuma, AZ this past winter, I came to the conclusion that my real problem is an allergy that causes my sinus to react negatively. The Yuma, AZ area is very agricultural and they actually use crop-dusting planes to spray the growing fields. The wind also blows regularly there and I’m certain that’s what’s causing my sinus problems. Thankfully there are no crop-dusting planes and higher humidity in Murphys, CA!

Alas! I thought I was through with my sinus infection for this year, but it’s back and I’m experiencing minor swelling and pain on the left side of my face. Apparently, I quit my saline spray to soon plus I didn’t kill the fungus involved. So much to my dismay I’m back on the prescription spray and tablets I received from the VA Hospital and I hope it will soon be gone for this year.

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