Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | February 9, 2009

My motorhome is saying “What’s Happening?”

I arrived at Mary’s home in Murphys, CA yesterday afternoon after an almost 600 mile drive from Las Vegas, NV. Because the weather forecast for the next week have night-time temperatures identified as being at or below freezing, I’ve put my motorhome into a state of partial hibernation, a state it has never been in since I’ve owned it for 9.5 years! Specifically, I’ve drained all my tanks that hold liquid that could cause pipes to freeze and crack. I’ve also drawn all all the curtains and venetian blinds and set the electric heater to maintain an interior temperature in the 40’s.

My motorhome in partial hibernation saying “What’s Happening?”

The forecast high temperature for today is 49 and the night low temperature is forecasted at 26 degrees! It’s been many years since I’ve been in temperatures this cold! She has promised to keep me warm! I must really love her to be here in this COLD WEATHER! I’m pleased to tell you that it is very pretty here at elevation 2,100 feet in the gold country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Also it is very quiet and peaceful, a nice change from Las Vegas, NV.

Mary was originally scheduled to have shoulder surgery on February 11. Since she left me two weeks ago in Yuma, AZ, she has sought out a second opinion with a new doctor and is now scheduled for surgery on March 3rd. The first surgeon was gong to cut muscle, the new doctor will do the surgery orthoscopically. He told her to prepare for a six-week recovery period. That will put us into mid-April. Mary tells me she is a rapid healer, so hopefully about that time we can head out for summer travels in OR and WA.

During my time here, I may not have current material for daily blog entries. When I do not, I’ll post entries about my 2004 trip to Mexico and Central America.

I took this photo in October, 2008.

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