Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | February 5, 2009

Meet Ken and his family

Stewart, Ken, Laurie and Mason.

This is Ken, (Marys oldest son) and his family. I met them for the first time last night at their home here in Las Vegas. Ken was the only one of Mary’s four children that I had yet to meet.

It was a most enjoyable two hours. Laurie had made a delicious meal and we had a nice time getting acquainted. It was also interesting in the fact that Mary was not present, but at her home in Murphys, CA. Mary has a very nice thing she does with her Grandchildren…she takes them on a trip as they turn 14. Last year she took Stewart to Costa Rica and this year during Christmastime she’s taking Mason to Thailand.

Mary really loves her children and they really love her. It’s been most interesting integrating my life with Mary as they have a very close-knit family. Adjustments abound for all of us. I get the feeling we will all adjust just fine.

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