Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | February 4, 2009

Atomic Testing Museum, Las Vegas, NV

Yesterday I spent an enjoyable three hours at the Atomic Testing Museum here in Las Vegas, NV. It is an affiliate of the Smithsonion Institute. It does a great job of telling the story of atomic bomb testing. The only disappointment is that they do not allow cameras, hence I have no pictures to show you expect that of Miss Atomic Bomb of 1957. Atomic Bomb testing was moved to Nevada in 1951. Click the following link to visit the Atomic Testing Museum website.


The first at atomic bomb test occurred at the Trinity Site, 230 miles South of Los Alamos, NM where the bomb was first devised in the Manhattan Project. I was fortunate to do something that I had wanted to do for many years; that is visit Ground Zero of the first atomic bomb test which occurred on July 16, 1945. It’s really difficult to visit the site because it’s only open two weekends a year; the first weekend in April and October. I was lucky to be in the area in April, 2007 where I got on a Chamber of Commerce tour bus. I drove about 100 miles to get to the base where I parked the Bronco. We boarded the bus at the base gate entry and 72 miles later got to Ground Zero. At elevation 4,900 feet it was quite cold that day but nevertheless a most interesting day visiting a most unique place. Click the following link to see the 32 photos I took at Ground Zero.

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