Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | February 2, 2009

Meet my son, Jim

Yesterday I met my son Jim at the airport here in Las Vegas, NV. He’s in town to attend a Concrete Convention with about 75,000 other people. This is his tenth year coming to this convention and the first in several years in which he is not speaking at the convention. He is the Northeastern United States Sales Manager for PNA Construction Technologies – Performance Products for concrete flatwork, headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

First we went to the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino on the famous “strip”. We were joined by three of his friends, Brian, Norman and Kevin, all of whom live in Southeastern MA. My son lives in Southeastern CT. Along with 500+ other people we watched the Super Bowl on one of the MANY large screen TV’s drinking buckets of Miller Lite Beer for four hours. After the game we went to eat at a Japanese restaurant. Then I took him to his hotel. I finally got back to my motorhome at 10:30 PM. I ended up with a restless night of sleep. I’m long out of practice to drink so much, eat a big meal at such a late hour and getting to bed so late. I guess I’m not really as young as I think I feel! Nonetheless, we had a most enjoyable time.

While my son will be busy with his convention duties, I hope to see him a couple more times during the week. I’ll be driving him to the airport on Friday to catch his flight home. I last saw him in September, 2007 and am not scheduled to see him again until the summer of 2010. While we don’t see each other very often, we maintain a close relationship via emails and phone calls. He’s a really neat guy and I’m really proud of him. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, he was named “Employee of the Year” by his company in 2008!

In the elevator at the airport.
Watching the Super Bowl at the Monte Carlo with 500+ other people. That’s Bruce Springsteen performing at half time.
At the Japanese restaurant. Jim, Brian, Norman and Kevin left to right.

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