Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | January 29, 2009

A story of perserverance – part 2 – 2,051 losses – 2 wins

On January 5th, I posted the below message. Yesterday I posted my second win. The score is now 2051 losses and 2 wins. I won the second game in only 245 tries as opposed to 1,807 needed to acquire my first win. My score on the first game was 1105, accomplished with 186 moves. My second game score was only 1040 because it took 260 moves to accomplish.


Now, how many games will it take to get win #3????
(Posted January 5, 2009)

I’ve always enjoyed a challenge. I’m also one who does not usually play computer games.

About a year ago I came across a game on my computer called Spider Solitaire. It comes at three different levels—easy, medium and difficult. I began with easy and it was too easy, so I moved on to medium which also proved to easy. So on to the difficult game!

Difficult takes on a whole new meaning with this game. Yesterday I finally won my first game after 1,806 losses! I’m wondering how many games it will take to rack up my second win?

If you also like challenges, give Spider Solitaire a try. If you have it on your PC, it can be found under start>all programs>games>spider solitaire. Good Luck! let me know if you beat my record!
Now on to the Blog entry I had planned for today…

More pictures of my current parking place.

Yesterday, I showed you three photos of my current parking location in Quartzsite, AZ. Today I offer two photos taken in 2007 and only about 200 feet from my current site. I could not duplicate the photos because the skies have really been cloudless this week.

Sunset on the desert.
Beautiful desert sky.

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