Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | December 26, 2008

French Meat Pie and Pasty (Pah-stee)


I’m French-Canadian and Mary is French-Irish. She is actually related to the Dionne Quintuplets. I grew up in Southeastern Massachusetts and Mary grew up in upper Michigan. We decided to uphold our French Heritage with traditional Christmas meal. In my case it is French Meat Pie made with pork, potatoes, cinnamon, clove, sage, butter, salt and pepper. With Mary it’s Pasty made from pork, beef, potatoes, butter, onion, turnip, salt and pepper.

Mary insisted we had to have home-made pie crust rather than the store-made containing lard. No lard for us! Since I’ve been alone for such a long time and do not really like to cook, I do not have a full assortment of cooking/baking accessories. In the picture you can see Mary rolling the pie crust with an empty beer bottle. Being an ex-sailor I’ve learned how to get by with whatever you have on hand and Mary is very creative. The pie crust turned out just fine and the crust was delicious. Just like the French Meat Pie and Pasty!


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