Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | December 20, 2008

Patriots RV Park – our home for the next 38 days

Mary on the ladder of our motorhome picking grapefruit at our campsite

After two days of most unusual weather for Yuma,AZ, rain and cold, the weather finally came back to normal. Today was sunny and warmer. Two days ago we moved our motorhome to the Patriots RV Park where we will remain for 38 days. On January 24, 2009 Mary will fly home to prepare for left shoulder surgery on February 11th. Once she departs I’ll take the motorhome to Quartzsite, AZ where I’m scheduled to speak on January 29th at the public library about my 2004 trip to Mexico and Central America. After that I’ll drive the motorhome to Las Vegas, NV. While there until February 7th, I’ll visit with my son who will be in town for a convention, visit with Bud Kuball, the guy who went the full distance of the 2004 trip and meet Ken, Mary’s son. That will be unique as Mary won’t be there, but I’m sure we’ll get along just fine. On February 8th I’ll depart for Murphys, CA and join up again with Mary to support her during her surgery and recovery period. I researched the average temperatures for Muurphys, CA for February. The average high temperature is 57 degrees, mean is 45 and low is 33. Damn that’s gonna be cold for me. I must really love her! I really do!


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