Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | December 19, 2008

The Silver Capital of the World!

Taxco clings to a steep-sided mountain top.

From my book…’We finally arrived at Taxco, also known as “The Silver Capital of the World,” at elevation 5,638 feet, a population of 100,000, and clinging to a very steep-sided mountain top. Upon arrival, we stopped at a government staffed tourist office, where we got a map and some good information about the city. We were told that the only possible place to park our rigs was at El Mirador (the lookout); because there is not a square foot of flat surface in the city, plus it is very crowded with about 100,000 tourists! So we parked our rigs at El Mirador. This “level parking lot” is a long way from being level ground, but it does have a spectacular view of the city about three miles away. We took the Bronco into the city and stopped at a silver market. We had been told by the guy in the tourist office that this market had the best prices in town, and would be closed the next two days. Bud and I each bought a silver trinket. Then we drove up some VERY steep, VERY narrow streets, to the smallest Zocolo of the trip, where it was absolutely packed with people, and not a parking space to be had within a mile. Being very tired from the day’s drive, we decided to call it a day, and explore the city tomorrow. Upon return to our rigs, the many thousands of city lights made it a beautiful sight to behold. According to our guidebook, the city was founded in 1524, and originally was called Tlagchaco, which means “The place where the Indians play ball.” The guidebook goes on to say in part, “The first silver shipped to Spain came from the mines of Taxco. The roof of every building is of red tile, every nook and corner in the place is a picture, and even the cobblestone road surfaces have patterns woven in them. It is now a national monument and all modern building is forbidden.” Even the little we have seen so far qualifies it as the “most different place” of our trip, and we are looking forward to exploring it more tomorrow. The afternoon high temperature was 94 degrees. We will spend two nights here.’

All material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2008
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