Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | December 17, 2008

Algodones, Mexico

On Monday December 15th Mary and I arrived in Yuma, AZ. We are temporarily parked at The American Legion. In their promotional brochure, Yuma claims to be the sunniest place on earth with an average of 339 sunny days yearly. However, today it is raining!

Mary in front of her dentist’s office

Yesterday we walked across the border into Algodones, Mexico where thousands of snowbirds go for their dental, medical, pharmacy and eyeglass needs. In Mary’s case she needs some dental work done, so we visited a dentist recommended to her by her son. She was very comfortable with him and has committed to him to do the work which should take about three weeks to complete. His office is very clean and he has all the latest technology.

Upon our return to Yuma, we checked out a few RV parks and will be moving into one of them for a five week stay as soon as it stops raining!



  1. Thank you for posting this, Jim.

    I’ve been to Los Algodones four times for dental work — everything from extractions to implants.

    I wrote a 30-page journal of my first trip in 2006. If you’d like a copy, email me at my Yahoo account (SuzanneFromSeattle).

    — Suzanne From Seattle

  2. I am planning a trip over to Algadones for dental work and would like to know who you recommend?

    Thanks, Judy from Creston BC

    • Hi Judy,

      Mary had her dental work done by Dr. Salinas…reputedly the most expensive dentist in Algodones…but he enjoys a great reputation.

      I no longer have dental work done in Algodones. Prices are rising and there can be a line two hours long getting back into the United States.

      My dentist is Dr. Bernal in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico.

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