Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | December 15, 2008

The Big Blowhard

Salvation Mountain at Slab City, CA

On Friday December 12, Mary and I transited to Slab City, CA. It’s an old deserted WWII Marine training base where the Marines trained tank drivers to fight against Rommel in Africa. When the base was decommissioned the buildings were taken down and the concrete slabs remained. Hence the Name Slab City. The RVers found it in the late 1960’s and in fact many ways resembles a small city. There are a few hearty souls who spend the very hot summers here, but for the most part most RVers arrive in October/November and depart by April 1st. There is no charge to park here. To find out more about Slab City, enter it in your Internet search box and you will find a number of websites with photographs describing this unusual place. I usually stop here a couple of times during the year, usually in December and March.

On Saturday, I gave Mary the “Grand Tour” seeing such places as the Lizard Tree Library, the American Canal, Solar Mike, several friends of mine and air strip. Then we went North on Highway 111 and found a genuine hard-to-find oasis. Then up to the Salton Sea Visitors Center at elevation minus 228 feet. Then to the lowest American Legion, elevation-wise, at Bombay Beach (enter in your Internet search box) for one of the world’s best bacon cheeseburger and beer..

During the afternoon a brisk breeze came up and continued well in to the night. My guess-timate was in excess of 60 miles per hour. Well, you then find out (I already knew) that motorhomes are not air-tight. We awoke to find a very generous layer of sand-dust everywhere inside the motorhome. My vacuum made short work of everything and within an hours time we had accomplished a very complete cleaning. This sandstorm ranks #1 of the several I’ve experienced during my 13 years of full-time RVing.

On Sunday, December 14th, we went to the most unique feature of Slab City, Salvation Mountain. Once again enter in your Internet search box for more info. Salvation Mountain has been the subject of numerous TV documentaries and magazine articles. It’s creator, Leonard Knight gave us the complete tour and history of the mountain. Then a visit to a neat pet cemetery and the old jail. Saving the best for last, I took Mary to the Slab City Shower for her initiation. One cannot rightfully claim to have visited without having a Slab City Shower experience!

On Monday, December 15th we traveled to Yuma, AZ. More to come in the near future.


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