Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | November 19, 2008

Santo Domingo Church, Oaxaca, Mexico

While the exterior of Santa Domingo is rather plain, the interior was the most beautiful of the entire trip. That’s all gold, folks!

Since it appears we may be here a little while, we might as well learn that Oaxaca, is pronounced in English like wah-HAH-kah. Got it?

From m book…”09/16- (Day 259) At Oaxaca. 6 AM temperature was 70 degrees. Today is Independence Day and no one is working, so I took the opportunity to sort my recently developed film. I now have 986 photos in my collection. Bob once again did his own thing. Bud and I took the Bronco and parked near the central plaza. First we went to the Santo Domingo Church, which has by far the most ornate interior of any church we have seen on this trip. The sculpture, figures, statues, and old paintings are incredible. Everything other than those things is covered in gold! It has to be seen to be believed! Then we went next door to the old monastery, which now houses the Cultural Center. This building is also unbelievable, with two floors, several courtyards and about 6,000,000 square feet! It’s huge and the displays are also incredible! It took us more than three hours to get through it. Once again, it must be seen to be believed! A nice meal at a sidewalk restaurant on the central plaza, siesta and then happy hour at Bud’s rig completed our day. The afternoon high temperature was 80 degrees.”

Note…We visited MANY churches during our trip. It is most interesting to see the wealth of churches as opposed to the poverty of the people. This statement tends to be true in the larger cities with huge populations. In the smaller and remote villages the churches were indeed humble, but nevertheless…there! I cannot remember any village regardless of how small that did not have a church. Another interesting observation is in Mexico the religion is far away predominately Catholic. In Central America, one sees many different religions.

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