Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | November 14, 2008

Sumidero Canyon, Mexico

The 3,000+ feet Sumidero Canyon walls still enclosed by clouds at 10:00 AM.

From my book…”09/05- (Day 248) At Chiapa De Corzo. 6 AM temperature was 78 degrees. While Bob did his own thing, at 9 AM, Bud and I took a boat trip into Sumidero Canyon, which is a Green Tortoise stop. The trip was 20 miles and one hour, one way. We were in the first boat trip of the day and the morning clouds still clung to the mountain tops. In some places, the river was only 300 feet wide, while the sides of the canyon rose straight up to over 3,000 feet! It was an awesome trip! Legend has it that Indian warriors, unable to endure the Spanish conquest, hurled themselves into the canyon rather than submit. Upon return, we walked around town for a while, and came across a marimba museum and factory. I call it a factory, but in reality, it was in a man’s home, and his family has made marimbas for more than 100 years! It was truly interesting. Then, another delicious lunch overlooking the river while enjoying live marimba music. A siesta and then happy hour next to our rigs, overlooking the river topped off the day. The afternoon high temperature was 96 degrees in the shade, with high humidity.”

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