Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | November 3, 2008

A return visit to the really good guys!

The really good guys…Kenny & Ron
I ran the below message last May.
The Really Good Guys Award!

In the above photo, Kenny Coleman (left) was my main mechanic and his older brother Ron who is the shop owner. These are two very unique guys…they are mechanics who are honest, fair, excellent mechanics and reasonably priced. Can you believe it ????

Three weeks ago my motorhome was towed into their shop and now have a totally rebuilt high-performance engine. Today we hit the road after a very enjoyable repair stop. If you are in need of repair services are are anywhere near their area…that’s where you need to go. Prunedale, CA is located at the junction of Highways 101 and 156 about 20 miles south of Gilroy, CA and 10 miles north of Silinas, CA.

Here’s their contact info:

Prunedale Lube and Auto care Center
8484 Prunedale Rd. N.
Prunedale, Ca, 93907
1-831-663-9400 or toll-fee 1-866-763-9400

Thank you, Kenny and Ron

Last Friday I returned to Prunedale to have some rountine preventative maintenance done on both my mortorhome and towed Bronco II. Once again they did the work quickly, well done and fairly priced!

Thanks again Kenny and Ron


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