Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | October 25, 2008


Where in the world am I?

Upon wakening in the morning, (usually before sunrise) not every day but frequently, for a few seconds I do not know where my motorhome is physically parked. Sometimes it will come to me and sometimes I have to raise the Venetian blind to actually look out my bedroom window to get my bearings.

By not knowing where I am…I mean am I in a Thousand Trails Parks, in the desert, what city, what state and sometimes what country???? For instance, this was a most frequent occurrence during my 343 day trip to Mexico and Central America where I was in eight different countries and parked in 149 different locations in that time frame!

Like I said, this disorientation usually lasts only a few seconds before the realization/identification of my physical location becomes apparent. Even though it is short-lived, I find it a most pleasurable sensation.

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