Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | October 18, 2008

BANG! There goes another one!!!

Parked under the old BANG-BANG tree!

I arrived yesterday at Thousand Trails RV Resort in Morgan Hill, CA for a two week stay.

It’s interesting how RVing/camping has changed over the years. Used to be when pulling into a campground I would seek out the prettiest or quietest campsite. Nowadays, it’s trying to find a site where I can get a signal for my tv satellite dish, cellphone, XM Radio and Internet reception.

In Thousand Trails the Internet signal usually originates in the Family Lodge, the center of activities held on site. Between that and the trees which interferes with signal, only a few sites will allow all signals to be received.

So, here I am at Morgan Hill. I’ve got all my signals but there’s a price to be paid. I ended up in a campsite directly under an Acorn Tree and BANG, approximately every few minutes, BANG another acorn lands on my galvanized metal roof of my motorhome. Fortunately the pleasant breeze of the daytime diminishes at night so only a few fall during the night while I sleep.

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  1. I can relate to the acorns.

    Fran and I once stayed in park with black walnut trees overhead. Those things make a good thump on an aluminum roof.


  2. ‘Pears as tho you and the presidential candidates have something in common… Acorn(s)

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