Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | October 15, 2008

Cincos Pinos, Nicaragua

Olympia, Pedro with his radio, and Onel.

From my book…’07/28- (Day 209) At Chinandega. 6 AM temperature was 77 degrees. Bob stayed home nursing his cold, while Bud and I accepted Onel’s invitation to go and meet his family in the mountain town of Cincos Pinos (Five Pines), about 85 miles distant. We headed out on the road we had originally planned to take to Honduras with the motorhomes, and within one-half mile, we were very pleased that we have changed our plans! The road is terrible! Onel has a new Toyota pickup truck, and despite the potholes, drives VERY FAST! No one passes him; he passes everyone! Sixty miles and two hours later, we reached the turn-off road to head into the mountains. Twenty miles and one hour later, we reached Cincos Pinos. Then on to his grandfathers’ house, which took one-half hour to go two and one-half miles. The road (?) was VERY VERY, STEEP STEEP, NARROW NARROW, ROCKY ROCKY, BUMPY BUMPY (get the picture?), and required four-wheel drive all the way. It’s very pretty there. It reminded me a lot of Northern California. His grandfather, Pedro, is 95, spry, and with a twinkle in his eye. He stays alert by constantly listening to the news on the radio and is “up-to-date” on everything going on in the world. Onel’s grandmother is 94, blind, and pretty much confined to bed. His grandfather has lived in the same house for 80 years, and has been married to the same woman for 75 years! It’s so far into the mountains, that they finally got electricity and a telephone only four months ago! They had never met a “gringo” before, and all the neighborhood kids stared at us like we were aliens from outer space! We also met Onel’s mother, Olympia. I told her that I had lived in Olympia, WA, for 16 years, and that they had named the city after her. She was most pleased! We also met a herd of “cousins.” Bud wasn’t feeling well and took an hour nap in a large hammock in the living room, while I chatted with the family, and enjoyed a noon meal of New Cow Soup, which was very tasty. Then it was time for the very bumpy three and one-half hour return trip back to the rigs.’

All material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2008
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