Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | October 14, 2008

More Jasmin!

Jasmin and myself

From my book…’Upon our arrival, Joe was waiting for me, so we went over and picked up “the girls” and went out for a bite to eat. While eating, Joe invited me to move my motorhome out to his ocean property and “stay in paradise, living with Jasmin, for free, for the rest of my life!” It sounds so inviting, but the problem is I would get bored staying in one place after a couple of months, no matter how beautiful and wonderful it is! I’ve still got a lot of world waiting to be seen! Another problem that I have seen much among “gringos” who have retired in the tropics is, “all there is to do is fish, make love and drink.” While on the surface that sounds wonderful, unfortunately the drinking seems to end up becoming the #1 activity and hence you see many people “wasting away in Magaritaville.” Not what I want to do with the rest of my life! Unfortunately, drinking seems to be the #1 activity for my friend, Joe. While Joe says he is very happy, I get the feeling he misses having a “gringo” friend, and would very much like to have “a drinking buddy.” After the meal we returned to my motorhome, where I showed the girls some photos of the Estados Unidos (United States). Joe and Ereseli went home. Jasmin took a cab to a friend’s house and that ended another full day of cultural experiences!

All material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2008
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