Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | October 6, 2008

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Another beautiful sunset at San Juan del Sur.

From my book…”07/12- (Day 193) At San Juan del Sur. 6 AM temperature was 79 degrees. Bud looked into and decided to take a Spanish Class. It is for five days, four hours a day, with one-on-one instruction, for only $95. (He really needed it! J) Because of Bud’s school, we have decided to stay through next weekend and not depart until next Monday, July 19th. While he was in school, I did all sorts of odds and ends/routine maintenance. In addition, I went to an internet place and wrote a scorching e-mail to the Costa Rica Tourist Commission about the way I was treated at the border crossing last week. I requested they transmit a copy to both the President of Costa Rica and the Minister of Tourism. It will be interesting to see what kind of a response I get, if any at all. It was a glorious day, cloudy with a light breeze, a HIGH of ONLY 81 degrees and ONLY 81% humidity. It may be one of the most comfortable days of the whole trip! It was so WONDERFUL to have some relief from the constant 95-105 degrees (those are in-the-shade degrees!) and 95-100% humidity! Most of the time the heat and humidity make me so lethargic that I have no ambition to do anything that resembles work. All part of the cultural experience! A delightful happy two hours at Ricardo’s Bar, with a great sunset. It’s off-season right now and there are not a lot of people here, but those who are here are from countries all over the world. It’s kind of neat to meet fellow travelers, most of who are most intrigued by our journey.”

Note…San Juan del Sur is a surfing beach and maybe the most popular tourist destination in Nicaragua. We saw fewer tourists in Nicaragua than any of the other seven countries we visited. We liked it so much, we spent 10 days here. Nicaragua rates as my most favorite country of the entire trip. Pretty scenery, friendly people and inexpensive!

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