Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | September 16, 2008

San Carlos, Panama


A fisherman delivers his catch to be weighed and paid at San Carlos, Panama. The baskets weigh about 100 pounds and are carried about 200 feet to the weigh station.

From my book…’We continued on to San Carlos, where we are once again parked on a beach near the Pacific Ocean, about 200 feet away. Bob has decided to park in town, about a mile away, because he thinks the beach area is unsafe. This is really a twist, because usually he wants to park in a place that the rest of us feel is unsafe! To each his own! A nice happy two hours adjacent to our rigs. Between five and six PM, about 100 fishing boats, about 20 feet long with two-to-six man crews, headed out for a night of fishing with nets. We will spend two nights here.

06/10- (Day 161) At San Carlos. 6 AM temperature was 77 degrees. By 5:30 AM, the first of the fish buyers were arriving. The boats started arriving at 6 AM. The process went on until about 9 AM. I went down to watch men carrying 100 pounds of fish on their shoulders, to be weighed, and then be paid for their catch. There were about a dozen kinds of fish and the process was most interesting. Panama is an Indian word meaning “an abundance of fish.” Just like everywhere in Mexico and Central America, the people just stare at the outsider. That all changes when you smile at them and enthusiastically, say “Hola,” (hello pronounced OH-la)! They instantly light up with a big grin, are very friendly, and quite willing to talk with you. It’s been that way on this entire trip. We had a lazy day at the beach. I repaired a fan which had stopped working, and read my book. It’s too hot and humid to do anything else. Average daily temperatures are mid-90 in the shade, with equal humidity. It’s all part of the cultural experience! A happy two hours adjacent to our rigs.’

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