Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | September 7, 2008

Costa Rica’s terrible roads!

42 miles of this kind of road today took us 4.5 hours.

Some of these potholes are as much as one foot deep!
Bob, ahead of me, has pulled way over to the left-side of the road to avoid huge potholes!

From my book…”On the road at 9 AM, and on the worst, narrow, twisting-up-and-down road I have ever driven on, with MANY deep and wide potholes! It wasn’t a matter of avoiding the potholes, but more of deciding which ones you choose to drive through. We are running along the north shore of Lake Arenal, which is about 15 miles long and two miles wide, heading east toward the Costa Rican Caribbean coast.”

Note… Costa Rica roads proved most terrible and yet interesting. Interesting because most Americans perceive Costa Rica as the most advanced and prosperous of all the countries comprising Central America. Yet in comparison, countries perceived as poor such as Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala have much better roads! Go figure!

All material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2008
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