Posted by: ramblinmanjimj | September 6, 2008

Entering Costa Rica

From Nicaragua looking into Costa Rica

From my book…”05/17- (Day 137) At San Jorge. 6 AM temperature was 80 degrees. Bob rejoined us after his solo expedition. On the road at 9 AM, heading for the border of Costa Rica about 30 miles distant. We arrived at the border at 10 AM and finally at 4 PM, we were on our way. WHAT A HASSLE! This was our most frustrating border crossing to date. First, they were not going to let Bob in because of his title which is not an original. After about two hours, they finally relented. For whatever reasons, they didn’t stop Bud. Then it was my turn, as it is against the law for one person to bring in two vehicles which was finally resolved after three hours of haggling. In both cases, we had to demand to speak to “El Jefe” (the boss) and after pleading our cases, he finally gave permission. In my case, I had to promise him in writing, that on my way back north, I would stop and show him I still had the Bronco with me. They were afraid I was going to sell the Bronco and avoid paying an import tax. It cost us $3.00 U.S. to depart Nicaragua ($1 departure tax and $2 to get our passports stamped). In Costa Rica there were no entry fees, but I had to buy required insurance of $12 U.S. for both the motorhome and Bronco. We also had to drive through an automated fumigation system which cost $4.50 U.S. per vehicle. The process was so complicated, (with about 12 different stops between two different buildings about one-quarter mile apart that required about six trips between each building), that I actually paid a “guide” $8 U.S. to walk me through the process. We ended up with papers for 90 days, so hopefully we will not have to go through this process again when we re-enter Costa Rica on our return trip from Panama, which is our next country. Talk about complicated!”

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